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Thursday, 25 November 2010 02:18

TSA | Thanksgiving travel | Governor Fife Symington

Published in Social Issues
Written by Fife Symington
As you know, I fly between Phoenix and Santa Barbara every week. My two hip replacements guarantee that I will receive the full treatment from TSA. I always decline to be more radiation for me! So I am always greeted by the call "male assist" as the TSA person closes in to give me my daily massage in full public view. Never mind that I go through this "dance" every week or that I am a former Governor of Arizona. No, I guess I am as great a security risk as the Saudis and Yemenis who caused this problem in the first place! To be fair to the TSA, they have always been polite and somewhat regretful when they work me over, especially at Sky Harbor where I am well known and frequently addressed as "The Governor". I make sure to thank them for their public service...they are simply following orders from above. But this all leads to the bigger question about our diminishing liberties in this country. We would be better protected from the "bad people" if those in authority would start profiling individuals just as the Israelis do. Such a profiling regime would be more effective and openly acknowledge what everyone else in this country knows, that we must be on guard for treacherous, young Middle Eastern and North African individuals who share a fanatical Muslim faith. American moms and dads, young children, elderly people, government officials, flight attendants, pilots and business travelers would all breeze through the checkpoints if this system were enacted. It would be less intrusive and return some of the liberty we feel slipping away from us. But the pressure would really be on those who have chosen a malevolent path. That is just. Protecting our liberty means not sacrificing it on the alter of political correctness!